Tester Recruiting

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Tester Recruiting

Post by ! The Black Rose ! on Sat Nov 05, 2011 8:11 pm

Greetings fellow duelist, New Domino Academy are going to start recruiting for tester.

What:Testers will test duel new comers to this forum.

Who: You have to be a blue duelist in order to become a tester

How: To become a tester the admins will test you and see how u duel like if you understand rulings or not. You can only mess up once rulings in the recruitment duel,but if you mess up again you are out.

Info: A tester may not use meta decks when they test duel a new member. Only 2 people at the end will be recruited and remember not everybody who is participating might make it so if you didnt make it dont feel bad.

Prize: Will have a new rank which will be tester so you won't be in a dorm no more.
Also you will create an office in the Contact tab
Signing Up:
DN Username:
Academy Username:

Good Luck!!!

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