Saty's test results

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Saty's test results

Post by Spade on Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:21 pm

Deck: Gagaga xyz

Tier: meta or anti meta decks: 2/2 (if you know the tier then put it)

Deck Build 5/5 (if his deck is built well , consistency is important ,if you see slow gameplay from his deck , builds are mostly to blame for inconsistensy.)

Strategy:5/5 (if the player made good plays or gave good thought about the duel)

Creativity/Originality: 3/3 (creativity or originality is important because many people Netdecking these days , for those who dont know what that means, they copy decks from internet without any vision at all, to determine the points in creativity a tester must be aware of how deck builds are supposed to be in the higher ranks.)

Rulings: 5/5 (rulings are very important , one cannot be a good duelist without knowing the rules like they supposed to be, -2 for each ruling mistake.)

Use of cards: 5/5 (While observing the tested player , you may see how well is he using his cards ,or if he could do things better in the given situation)

Control of Duel: 15/5 (Control of duel basically means how well did he hold his own in the test , if he didnt put up a fight at all he gets minus points , if he dominated he gets plus etc.)

Concentration: 15/5 (Concentration is important , if he doesnt notice card's being played in middle of duel he can never be a good duelist , -1 for each concentration mistake, or if he/she had to afk etc is also considered a concentration flaw, focus is important for any duelist)

Result of duel: 15/15 (This is the result of duel, if he wins 2-1 , he gets 10/15 ,if he wins 2-0 he gets 15/15, if he loses 2-1 he gets a 5/15 , if he loses both he gets nothing, The result hardly matters , the essential attributes measured in a duel are posted above , Be observant and considerate in all your judgements, you are the one to determine the member's rank after all.)


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