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bleach roleplay

Post by naruto:blood release user on Fri Aug 31, 2012 1:02 am

ok heres the info

name: yuch ika

spirit presure: 100,000

looks: bright orangeish yellow hair, black battle kimono, sword on the right side

zanpaktou: yosoburu(electric)


shikai: i can send electric waves that can if at full power shut off the brain waves of my opponent as well as phisicly hurting them and i can cover the sword in electricty and turn it into a electric whip

bankai: the sword it self becomes a thunder cloud which is lmost gerentead to hit its target and also can do anyhting it could before but with more power

look of zanpaktou spirit: my zanpaktou spirit is littaraly a thunder storm

efliction: vizerd and soul sasiity

vizerd power: a complet mask with no eye holes and a large black thunder bolt down the center and its power is that i can shoot thunder at my opponate as well as when its fully developed control the persons body

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