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tester exam is here Empty tester exam is here

Post by Tobi on Thu Dec 06, 2012 6:55 pm

since i keep the test undergound (under my control) this is the tester examination. you must get a score of 11/15 or higher to be considered for tester. once you pass, i will report the result to clabeff and he will put you on a list for tester

requirements to take the exam:
accel or higher

2 weeks at least on the academy

exceptions are made if clabeff or i vouch to let you take the exam

you can only take the test once every 2weeks or when he we need
testers. taking it more than once in a 2 week span will result is lower
grade being considered.
please dont not private message me on the forum. i will not accept "send me the exam" you will ask me for it on the chat and i will give it to you along with pass.

test rules:
dont cheat
please use your forum name when you log in to take exam otherwise i will refuse to accept results and the results will be deleted.

you may only take the exam once per 2 weeks.

if you fail the exam, you wait 2 weeks and i will give you it again.

if you pass this exam, you ARE NOT guaranteed tester position. this exam is to see if clabeff will approve of you being tester. if you pass this exam, clabeff will decide whether you become a tester or not.

just so everyone knows, i can look up your results, see what you put down, and also know when you took it so dont try to lie to me about when you took it cause i always know.

topic rules
only people that can post on here are staff members. anyone else who is not staff member can not post on here.

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screenshots will be here

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