Duke Nukem Forever Restest results

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Duke Nukem Forever Restest results

Post by laglag on Sat Dec 08, 2012 11:31 am

Deck: Ufo-roid OTK

Tier: 2/2
It was clearly under tier 3....

Deck Build 3/5
It was a interesting deckbuild, but it wasnt rly consistent enough. 1 Rai-oh could destroy your whole deck. But every combo in it took alot of time to get wat you need for it.

The sarcophagus-uforoidfighter combo was interesting, but it took very long to get it all together, and in this time you made many tactical mistakes. the biggest was, that
you always summonded leviath, even in situations where zen could have saved your ass. also you NEVER used zen, even when it would have been very helpful to bring out your tacticts. at least you didnt made anything to stall me a little bit.

Creativity/Originality: 3/3
Ok, this deck rly was creative.

Rulings: 2.5/5
you lose 2 points for dont knowing the: I cant reborn solemnd xyz's rules.
than you lose 0.5 for forgetting to banish for BTH.

Use of cards: 2/5
you used the cards on a way tthat it was very easy to predict everything wat you wanna do, also you didnt made anything to save yourself while you are w8ing for your cards.

Control of Duel: 0/5
you didnt controled the duel even a little bit, everything you tried to bring up was very fast destroyed, i never lost control.

Attitude: 4/5
It was kinda nervy that every 5th sentence of you was: "DN shuffler hates me" , or: "DN shuffler is gonna fuck me"

Result of duel: 0/15
you lost both duels.

TOTAL: 19.5/50

You are tuner zone!


Elite Zone are: 50/50(100% perfection)

Accel blue requirements are : 42-49/50 ( a near perfect score of 91%)

Syncro-zone requirements are: 27-41/50

Tuner-zone requirements are: anything below 26.

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