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Yugioh Season 0

Post by the buu ster on Sat May 18, 2013 8:50 pm

ok i would like to say good series and all, love the theme. i just wish for more of those "Yami No Games" but they were custome games each of them different. Now its jsut the duels not like it matters but thier always dueling nowaday and well if it were different it would make it interesting. Example the game with the cards on the roof of a building were (the pharoh known as atem at the end of the yugioh series) known to us as Yami (back then any way) powns Ushio. or when a thief enters a fast food restaraunt and demands certain things and then Yami shows up with a fingur game and the guy freaks out in the end i was amazed, escpecially the one were yami fight a teacher who puts stress on the rules and makes her see her own reflection also get this thier waas a similar one but the girl was cheating at getting first place in a school popularity contest (were Joey embarrasses himself by try to prove that men can be beautiful[reminds me of fairly odd parents]) in the end Yam i proves that that Beauty doesn't last forever nd man no wonder why the show never aired in english.

So here is a question if you want to watch this youtube it also comment on what was your favourate (Yami no game) [translation shadow game] and i would like to know if you would fandub/dub the show.

Please note i am not asking you to dub it i am asking given that you had enough time would you.

see as it is summer i would probably make 3 episodes but that remains to be seen.

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