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Post by Zatriez on Thu Dec 01, 2011 10:17 pm

Hey everyone The name is Zatriez. Welcome to my dorm. Well I guess I should give you the grand tour. Follow me.

The Living Room:

Zatriez's Dorm 9201

Its usually where you'll find me makin my decks or just chillin.come on in everyone is welcome.

The Kitchen:

Zatriez's Dorm Urban-white-gloss-big

This is probably gonna be everyone's favorite part of my dorm. The fridge is always stocked so eat what you want. I usually have a party every other week if I am allowed and everyone is invited. But I swear if anyone starts doing the funky chicken during one of my parties your out. Lol im just kidding... but really no funky chicken dancing it's just weird.

Now to my Favorite part of my Dorm...... wait for it.......... My Room:

Zatriez's Dorm Bd7

It like my room it makes me feel the cozyz. I just ask one thing if you see my cat Shade in here sleeping please dont disturb him or I'll never hear the end of it.



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