Rules for Duelist Kingdom

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Rules for Duelist Kingdom

Post by Jaden Yuki on Sat Dec 03, 2011 4:30 am

1. no godplaying in other words everything u do has 2 be realistic

2.when you and someone duel the winnder must be posted here

3. decks must be as close as possible to there deck list for the current season
for example: yugi has a full decklist for duelist kingdom you could use so no need to use other cards howver characters such as bakura and panik only have a couple cards so you can use cards they use in other seasons or put in cards that fit there deck.

4.any1 inactive will be disqualified and there character will be up for any1's take

5. pegasus will explain more when the boat arrives until then feel free to start roleplaying on the boat.

6. no tributes required to summon monsters. (because in duelist kindom there werent alot of rules yet on

7. Yes you can use banned cards because in duelist kingdom they werent banned.

8. No synchros or xyz, unless ur character has it (which i dought)
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