DTD: The Beginning Of Something New

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DTD: The Beginning Of Something New

Post by ARES on Thu May 24, 2012 9:45 pm

So heres the idea. Its called Door To Destiny (DTD). Ive been working on this for some time now, so tell me what you think..

As this post is going up, there are going to be a couple of posts going up all over NDA. What these posts all have in common is this new RP “Door to Destiny”. What “Door to Destiny” will comprise of will be something a little different from the RPs in the past. While RPs in the past had us pretending to be characters, this RP will have us creating our own characters and dueling as them.

In Door to Destiny, each character will receive their own, unique, number card. This card will be a synchro or xyz monster. More details are below.

Door to Destiny will be a larger event, with a cohesive plotline and many smaller events. As time goes on, we will have events that members can participate in and we will have admins playing as “NPC” characters during story events.

Door to Destiny takes place in vineyard city, a zexal era city. The city is a decently large one, with enough inhabitants. It is located on a small island, with roads to connect it to the outside world. There is a small archipelago off of it.

All in all, there are several posts concerning Door to Destiny. The first is a character design sheet, located in the “RP” section. Before you do anything, go over there and design your character. Second, go ahead and head over to the number selection post, also in the “RP” section, and select your number. Third, and finally, go ahead and make a new post in “RP” with your character and details. This section will be your personal chronicle, and it is highly recommended that you post with your own adventures and such.

Duels will be played as usual duels are, except with the rules exclusive to this concerning number cards. However, and this is important,
Duels should be recorded in the “matches” section, as the number of duels you will have been recorded as having won will influence your collection of numbers.
tell me what you think.

There are some deck restrictions" No Exodia, Burn, Gravekeepers, Macro Cosmos, or Dimensional Fissure.

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