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Matt777889 results

Post by laglag on Mon Oct 22, 2012 8:01 pm

Deck: Rock Stun

Tier: Anti Meta: 2/2

Deck Build 5/5
The deck was build good, and without inconsistency. The skill drains were very effective, and also your monster always came at the right time. YOu gave the deck a speed + cause POD.

You played the deck well and very strategic, but there where still a few moments where i saw a better way to solve the problem. Only problem was, that you didnt had rly much combos, but you will not lose points cause that.

Creativity/Originality: 2/3
It was an normal rock stun deck, wat means an not that often used deck. But that you had sometime problems with your cards somehow gave me the idea that the deck wasnt made by you, but k i cant proof this. The main mistake in this category was, that you didnt had any special combos or sth like that.

Rulings: 5/5
Your ruling knowledge was good. There werent any mistakes.

Use of cards: 3/5
You wasted your Call of the Haunteds too fast, and most time without rly use. But the biggest strategic mistake was, that you didnt used the effs of your Koaki's one time, also not at moments where thay could have saved your ass.

Control of Duel: 3/5
Duel 1 i controled the game completly. You didnt rly made an fight i this duel, except setting mosnters and w8ing for your end.
In duel 2 i controled the beginning of the duel, but you switched the constrol with your skill drain. from that point on you controled me.
In duel 3 you had from the beginning total control with your monsters and also with skill drain, i didnt rly had an chance in this duel.
So at least you get 0/5 for duel 1, 3/5 from duel 2 and 5/5 from duel 3, together this is an total amount of 3/5 for our match.

Attitude: 5/5
You were very friendly and nice.

Result of duel: 10/15

Total Points: 40

Congrats you are in Synchro Zone!

Elite Zone are: 50/50(100% perfection)

Accel blue requirements are : 42-49/50 ( a near perfect score of 91%)

Syncro-zone requirements are: 27-41/50

Tuner-zone requirements are: anything below 26.

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